School Councils

Our Student Councils are dynamic forums that take action to enhance the  life of students within school, our whole school community and the wider global community.  Elected School Councillors represent the viewpoint of the body of students; this is highly valuable, insightful and enables positive change. 

Both Secondary School Council and Primary School Councils gather the views and opinions of their peers and work on resolutions and lead projects that have real impact. 

Student Council ideas and actions have included projects to improve the environment of the school, for example designing a garden area, resourcing areas for relaxation and the planting of trees.  They have worked to improve the quality of activities at break times and have led projects to encourage creativity and increased awareness of the importance of our ‘I’ Values.  

Fundraising has also been inspired by the School Councils, reflecting their drive to make the world a better place.

The work of the School Councils is highly valued and representatives are respected for the way they lead, take responsibility, listen and inspire.  

We encourage students to  give their ideas and get involved.  Every students’ voice is important.