School fees at Hua Hin International School

For all children who start at the school during its first term (August to December 2015) school fees, right through to the Year 9 stage of their education, will remain unchanged – other than by small annual adjustments for inflation.

School fees August 2015:

What this means:

This means that parents of those children who begin with us next August, will be able to predict the cost of school fees for some considerable time ahead. After that stage of education (i.e. from Year 10 onwards) fees will be set at a level similar to other fully accredited International Schools that offer the IGCSE and IB programmes. For new enrolments from January 2016 onwards, all fees will come closer in line with those schools and an enrolment fee of B60,000 will also be charged.

Future increases:

School fees will be adjusted annually after considering both the impact of local inflation on the school’s operating costs and also of variables in the cost of teachers when they are recruited from places like the UK. Historically, changes in the latter have not had a great impact on our schools’ costs but we always have to bear them in mind when budgeting for future teacher recruitment.


Julie Wood (Headteacher) takes up her post on May 1st and will be making contact with all parents who have expressed an interest in their children attending HHIS. Julie will invite those parents and their children to come and meet her at the school office for a very informal discussion and to complete the formal registration process. To anticipate her contact and arrange a meeting, please drop her a line at