An inclusive school for 3 - 18 year old students
Where everyone flourishes and enjoys their learning journey
Where inquisitive minds get to explore
Problem solving is at the heart of what we do
Students study for and achieve world class qualifications
Congratulations to our Visual Arts IB Students
for their stunning Exhibition
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Early Years 3 to 5 years

For children to excel in the Early Years, they require space, time, challenging resources and quality interactions with adults. Our spacious environment offers natural, open-ended resources allowing our children to ‘free-flow’ between the indoors and outdoors for much of the day, allowing them to choose where they want to play, what with and how.

Primary 5 to 11 years

Our children are taught the skills, knowledge and understanding detailed in the English National Curriculum within the context of inspirational and dynamic topics.
Students learn to take on challenges, be innovative in their problem solving and be inquisitive about the world around them. They learn that their opinions matter, that their creativity is valued and that by looking after each other and our world around us, they can make a difference.

Secondary 11 to 18 years

The HHIS Secondary Phase provides an enthusiastic and energetic environment for all our individual learners to achieve their very best. Students are fully guided by highly qualified and experienced teachers and receive regular feedback on their progress. Our students’ achievements are celebrated enthusiastically and we are committed to achieving high standards whilst at the same time maintaining a broad and balanced curriculum.

Message From Our Headteacher

Message From Our Headteacher

I am delighted to welcome you to our wonderful school, a happy and inclusive community where our students learn and flourish in our caring, secure and beautiful environment. 

Our highly qualified and passionate teachers bring experience from schools around the world. Teaching and learning is student-focussed and relevant to our international context. Our curriculum framework is based on the National Curriculum for England, from the Early Years through to Year 9 at the end of Key Stage 3,  followed by the Cambridge iGCSE programme in Years 10 and 11.Our students study the IB Diploma Programme in their final years of school. 

Our 8 ‘I’ values are evident through every part of daily life at the school and represent the characteristics and attitudes we develop in our students. It is by making these key values explicit that our students become independent, confident lifelong learners.

Please explore our website to learn more about HHIS. I invite you to visit our school so that you can see and feel first hand the vibrancy and excitement of learning on our beautiful campus. 

Please do email me if you have any questions or would like to make a visit:


Beccy Fox 

Hua Hin International School


HHIS ‘I’ Values

Our ‘I” Values are woven into the fabric of daily life. They can be seen in the way our students interact, love learning and care for each other, their environment and the world beyond.

The following shows how each of our eight  ‘I’ values are brought to life here at HHIS.


Children join our school from many different cultures and backgrounds and within a very short time they experience the warmth and excitement of making new friends and feeling part of a community.  

Our small classes and caring,  highly qualified staff ensure that the needs of all our students  are met from our 3 year olds through to our 18 year olds.  As with all our values, the wider issues of inclusion within the global community are explored within the curriculum.  

All our students have a voice; we listen, respect and act.


Learning can be tough, taking on new challenges can be tough and growing from mistakes can be tough.  Through encouragement and  positive praise our students learn to understand these feelings, face them, work to overcome them and then experience the joy that results.


Our students are inspired by learning about ‘Great Lives’.  They particularly enjoy learning how high achievers overcame adversity to gain success.  They  gain inspiration from those within their own community and notably from each other.  They are motivated by the efforts and ideas of those around them. 

This value is evident in the way our students  inspire others  through their creativity, vision, drive and zest to make a difference.


Students are given the skills, knowledge and understanding to be able to apply their learning to innovative ideas, solve problems and act with creativity.  We encourage and model Innovation in all areas of the curriculum and throughout school life.


We are an ever-changing international community with students representing dozens of different nationalities.  This rich diversity within our school is a source of great celebration and provides opportunities to develop tolerance, understanding and respect for different cultures.  

Caring for our global environment and the greater global community is a central focus for our whole school.


We get to know our students really well.  We try to understand the best way they learn, their areas of strength, areas in which they struggle and their underlying attitudes and interests.  We respect them as individuals and all that  they have to offer.  Celebrating individuality supports the development of tolerance, understanding of difference, the development of social skills  and also of the  importance of the way as individuals we can work together.  Each and every individual in our school matters.


All our ‘I’ values come together to enable  the wondrous imagination of our students to come alive.  They are  given the skills, respect and time to allow their imagination to come to life in the their ideas, writing, art work, music and problem solving within all areas of the curriculum and life.


At every age, level and subject teachers  plan to ‘hook’ the students into their learning by piquing their interests and curiosity to want to  find out more.  We encourage questioning  and allow learning to follow the interests of the student. By providing experiences and opportunities and developing skills students develop enquiring minds that challenge and question their world around them.  Fuelling the students inquisitive nature provides the motivation for independent, lifelong  learning.

Our Teachers

Ms Beccy
Ms Beccy


Ms Gade
Ms Gade

Thai Director

Mr Lewis
Mr Lewis

Head of Secondary

Mr David
Mr David

IB Coordinator and Humanities Teacher

Mr Joe
Mr Joe

Head of Key Stage Two

Mrs Rachel
Mrs Rachel

Head of Early Years


What Our Students Say

HHIS has allowed me and every student to be heard. We all have a voice and I feel so much more confident. Our I Values are very special and learning at HHIS has brought out the new me – both in and out of the classroom! 

– Yon, IB Diploma Student

My first year at HHIS was unforgettable. My classmates welcomed me with open arms. I learnt how to be grateful for everything I had in my life. At the beginning of the school year, I had high hopes and as of right now, HHIS has greatly surpassed my expectations. A memorable moment this year was going to the Phraya Nakhon Cave. It wasn’t only an educational trip, but I also got to forge friendships and challenge my teachers to see who could walk the fastest!

– Daniil, IB Diploma Student

I find the greatest experiences I have gained from my time at HHIS are the interactions I’ve had with the people around me. I have enjoyed the lessons but it has been the overall environment that has allowed me to openly talk and discuss my ideas. HHIS is an interactive school “community” which has supported me and my peers. Everyone is an individual and I am now looking forward to achieving my best in the IB Diploma.


– Tenzin, IB Diploma Student 


HHIS Newsletter – 18th June 2024

HHIS Newsletter – 18th June 2024

Last week we had several occasions when we welcomed parents onto the campus. Our annual EY/KS1 Summer Concert was well attended, and it was wonderful to see the delighted faces of the students as they spotted their family in the audience. At the other end of the school, parents of our secondary students came to watch their children compete in the swimming gala.

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HHIS Newsletter – 11th June 2024

HHIS Newsletter – 11th June 2024

As we draw to the end of this academic year, we would like to share our staffing news for the next academic year, saying goodbye to some staff members and welcoming in the new.

At the end of this school year, the following teachers will be leaving HHIS to pursue new professional, personal and family goals: Dawn Jerwood, Emma Fordham, Freya Stickland, Pritpal Panesar and Rob Templeton. We thank these departing teachers for all their contributions to HHIS and wish them all the best for the future. We are also saying good luck to Ms Sarah who will be taking maternity leave next year.

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HHIS Newsletter – 4th June 2024

HHIS Newsletter – 4th June 2024

It is a busy time at the school with swimming galas and sports days. It is wonderful to see so many parents on the school campus supporting these events. One of the areas for us to develop, that has come from the community input into our future planning, is parental involvement. The students are keen to introduce sporting matches with the parents, parent ECAs were mentioned and there was a very popular vote for the PTA to be revived. With that in mind, my next Headteacher’s Coffee Morning will be to invite interested parents to discuss parental involvement, including reintroducing a PTA. If you are unable to attend but are interested in joining a future PTA, please register your interest in the form below.

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