Loy Krathong Celebrations
Next week we will be celebrating Loy Krathong. This traditional Thai festival is one of the most beautiful, and is a time to give appreciation for the preciousness of water. Our students will be making Krathongs in the traditional way; the custom is that we can place our worries in the Krathong and watch them float away.

Parents are warmly invited to join our celebrations on Monday November 7th. Presentations, dances and songs will be performed at the main playground at 9.00am and will be followed by a Thai Fair at 10:30am.

Monday November 7th Timetable

The Fair will raise funds for the charity, “The Bright Dawn Foundation” ( https://brightdawnfoundation.org/ )’ which supports local Thai schools by providing breakfasts, medical check ups and educational resources aimed particularly at developing English.

Vouchers to spend at the fair will be on sale from Tuesday November 1st.

Students and parents are warmly invited to dress in traditional Thai costume for the day on Monday November 7th for the celebrations and the Thai Fair.

Krathong Making
Students through the school will be making Krathongs on Tuesday November 8th. They will take their Krathongs home for you to float away all your worries at the evening ceremonies around Hua Hin.

Best wishes,

Julie Way
Hua Hin International School