Secondary Drop Off and Pick Up
Construction of a covered walk way from the secondary school building to the drop off/pick up point is currently underway. There has been a delay on the covers for the walkways; they will now all be completed in November. The next step in the construction programme will be to landscape the front entrance of secondary building. This entrance will be for parents’ visits and visitors to the secondary school.

Air Quality
We continue to monitor the air quality and employ air purifiers in the classrooms. Should the air quality become unhealthy we have a clear plan and outdoor activities will be curtailed. The air quality of our school can be viewed on this live link:

Loy Krathong
This is to give you some advance warning that we will be celebrating Loy Krathong on November 7th and will be inviting students to dress in traditional Thai costumes. Students will be making Krathongs on November 8th so that they can be taken home and floated as part of family celebrations.

Poppy Day
Students will be marking Remembrance Day in the UK with the selling of poppies on November 10th and 11th.

Secondary Student Council
Alma, Natalie and Kym, our Y13 Student Ambassadors, will be leading the secondary student council. Last week they announced that applications are now open for students to step up and become representatives of their year groups and make a difference to the school. Students should let the ambassadors or form tutors know of their interest.

Creative Studies Showcase
Well done to Eva, Sofia, Libby, Phoebe, Matthew and Maxime in Year 8. They recently showcased their student-led projects for ‘out of comfort zone’. Learning new skills, taking risks, setting targets and doing something different were all key messages shared by the creative these students. Mr Lewis and Ms Faye

Best wishes

Julie Way
Hua Hin International School