Graduation Celebrations
It was a hugely poignant and emotional evening as our Year 13 students and their families shared in an evening of memories, laughter and good wishes for the future. The highly individual speeches by the students had us all enraptured with their poise, sincerity, humour and warmth. They will now form our first Alumni and forever remain part of the extended HHIS family.

Congratulations and Good Luck to Anupat, Bogdan, Bonnie, Christophe, Faye, Harry, Gianna, Jess and Lieve.

Thank you to our Chamber Choir and to Tilly on the keyboard for helping to make the evening so special. Special thanks to K May, K Card and their team for transforming the room into a ceremonial hall

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Secondary students and staff were treated to a demonstration of Jiu Jitsu. The students were impressed with the self-defence techniques and discipline of this martial art. We are hoping to run it as an ECA next term as our students were clearly inspired by the demonstration.

Thank you to Eddie Mounce and Augusto for bringing your team to our school.

Assembly Celebrations
We were able to catch up with some other celebrations in our first assembly for little while and were finally able to present Bass with his trophy for recording the 2nd fastest time in SE Asia in the Fobisia 5 Km run – an amazing achievement.

Musicians of the Month
Congratulations to our Musicians of the month of June: Asia and Sara. Both students have been highly intrepid and have particularly impressed Ms Neina.

The composer of the month is Edvard Grieg. Students across the school will be immersed in this music.

Here is a link if you would like to share in their experience.

Alumni Inspiration
We were delighted to have Bogdan, fresh from graduation celebrations, back to give a truly inspirational speech to the secondary students. He espoused the value of education, the need to work hard and his appreciation of the support that the school has given him.

Scientists in Year Two
It was great to see the Year Two students being amazed by ‘Dragon Fire’ in their visit to the secondary science laboratories. They have become passionate scientists and their visit has inspired them even further. Thank you Ms Liv.

Sports’ Days
Our first Sports’ Day is commencing, this morning; it is so good to have parents back in school. We look forward to a week of sports.

Just as a reminder, please park along the side of the road or in the car park at the end of the sports field. Can I also remind you to bring your water bottles and given our hot spell at the moment, you may like to bring an umbrella. The canteen and classroom above the swimming pool will be open for parents.

Best wishes,

Julie Way
Hua Hin International School