In our efforts to minimise the effects of Covid-19 we continue to manage notifications of any positive tests for Covid-19. By keeping classes within ‘bubbles’ we are able to quarantine students in small groups, when it is necessary. Precautionary measures are being strictly enforced in school so that any spread of the virus is minimised. If your child is in close contact with a positive case you will be informed immediately. We liaise with the local Public health authorities and heed advice given. Booster vaccinations are being carried out specifically for teaching staff this week.

We are not in easy times but there is real energy and a real buzz of learning in school from the creative writing of the ‘Pirates in Key stage one to the exciting science investigations in key stage two and the adventures of our secondary students and the relief that comes with the final exam of the mock examinations.

International Silver Award (Duke of Edinburgh Award)
Congratulations to Diego, Leah, Malou, Josephine and Mo for passing the ‘Adventurous Journey’ part of their Silver International Award. The students really had to dig deep and find the strength of character to keep going to overcome challenges. They will treasure the thrill of succeeding for a life time.
Thank you to Mr Alasdair, Ms Ali and Ms Lucy for giving their time. Our teachers and sailing instructors were full of praise for their determination and above all their team work and support for each other.

Adventure and TrailsFollowing their exams, Matthew, Willie, Yon, James, Bing Bing and Alex in Year 11 all welcomed the opportunity for adventure. They hiked 12km and throughout the challenge they demonstrated a very intrepid approach and were full of positive energy. The route was planned as 10km but the students were keen to discover more. Mr Lewis


Exams and Foundations for Success
A big well done to our students in Year 11 and Year 13 who completed their Mock Exams for IGCSE and IB Studies. This practice experience over the first two weeks will be invaluable for future challenges and we wish our students continued success in term 2 and term 3.

New Building VisitA highlight to end the week for our oldest students was a tour of the new building for the first time. Students were able to see their new surroundings and already you could see how the spaces and new facilities will inspire future learning. This will be a wonderful opportunity for all of our school to enjoy.

We will fully move into the new building after the half term holiday in February.

Best wishes
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Julie Way
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