Reopening of Early Years and Primary Update
We, once again, presented our rigorous precautionary measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 to the Ministry of Education today (Monday October 25th). Our successful adherence to all requirements regarding our secondary students over the past 5 weeks, was emphasised, as well as the high vaccination rate amongst parents and the overwhelming support of our parents to reopen physically.

The Ministry of Education Officials are aware that 62 schools in the ‘deep red zone’ of Bangkok have already gained permission to open.

The next step is for the Ministry of Education to meet with the Ministry of Public Health and the Governor of Prachuap Khiri Khan over the next few days, in order to make a decision regarding the physical return of Early Years and Primary.

I will be in touch just as soon as we are informed of a decision.

Parental Preparations to return
We have everything in place, ready to open for Early Years and Primary as soon as we have permission. Please can I ask you to have ATK test kits ready, as all children will need to be tested before they can return to school. We will send out the form to upload the results as well as the statutory Travel and Health form as soon as we know the date for our full campus reopening.

Friday Sports Club
Last week was the final Friday Sports Club for Primary students. This highly active, fun session has been a super addition for the children and thanks go to Mr Aaron, Mr Mike, Ms Pla and Mr Von for providing this much needed physical outlet for the children.

Eco School – Silver Award
The immense work of the Eco Team to support our school to becoming more environmentally aware and sustainable has been fully acknowledged by the globally recognised ‘Foundation for Environmental Education’ ( . Our current ongoing projects include:

This award is of huge importance to our school as it marks our continuing commitment to play an active role in helping to create a more sustainable world.

Congratulations to our Eco Team leaders, to Ms Alicia, Ms Lucy, Mr Eduardo and to our whole school community. The drive towards sustainability continues…

Federation of British International Schools in Asia

We have also recently become a member of FOBISIA, following an in depth procedure to meet their rigorous criteria.

This will enable our students to access inter-school events in a wide range of fields. We have already entered maths competitions, and joined music events; many more events and links will now open up to our students.

Operation Smile and Term Events
Our chosen charity for this term is Operation Smile. This charity supports children who have been born with cleft lip and cleft palate. We have several events planned this term which seek to raise funds to ‘give smiles’.

Reflecting on Success
It has been a great week after the recent holiday, with Y7 – 13 students working in their classes and discussing what success is and how to achieve it. There has been wonderful innovation, fantastic collaboration and also lots of healthy debate as to whether there is only one ingredient needed for success…

Students reflected on the I Values and demonstrated just how BIG they can think! Students from each of our Secondary classes have developed a fantastic display and this illustrates their vision for success. It is clear that everyone is targeting their own individual success and there is real energy moving forward this academic year. We look forward to many future highlights, Mr Lewis.

Key Stage Two Learning
Key Stage Two’s Assemblies have been a brilliant way to bring everyone together each week to celebrate the learning of the week. It has been a real highlight of my week. This week I particularly enjoyed the limericks of year 3. They made me really laugh; it was so good to see the children having fun playing with words and rhymes.

Best wishes

Julie Way
Hua Hin International School