We are expecting confirmation of a date to reopen our campus from the Committee of Communicable Disease of Prachuap Khiri Khan Province in the next few days. Our COVID-19 precautions have been fully approved and everything is in place so that we are ready to reopen, once the Committee of Communicable Disease of Prachuap Khiri Khan Province considers it safe to use our campus for teaching and learning.
In the meantime, I would like to take the opportunity to celebrate innovative learning and teaching as well as the uplifting achievements in our recent online learning.

Global Social Leaders (GSL)
A very big well done to Lisa, Leah, Yumi and Yon in Y10. Within their Global Perspectives work, the students formed ‘The Waste Warriors’ team and designed a full campaign to reduce food waste during Term 2. Their project was recognised by the GSL competition as outstanding and selected as one of the semi-finalists. The students have now been invited to attend a 2-day online event of presentations and interactive sessions where the organisers will also announce the outcomes and awards for the competition.

We wish our students the very best of luck. Mr Jeremy.

EY3’s Arctic Mission
EY3 visited the arctic this week and carried out a “freezing toy experiment”. They added toys to a container of water and observed which ones floated and which ones sank. They then put the container of toys in the freezer and predicted what would happen. They all tried hard to get toys out of the ice by sprinkling it with salt and putting it in the warm sun to melt it. Ms Rachel

IGCSE Business Studies and Maths Project
We have been very impressed with our Y10 students who have worked with great innovation and enterprise to develop their own business ideas. Students have worked in teams to research, design, plan and analyse their costs and forecasted profits. The business logos have been inspired and the different ideas aimed at different segments of the market have included niche anime coffee shops, junkyard and escape room experiences, as well as a translation device.

Students will soon present their pitches and gain further feedback to support their learning. Well done to everyone for their work. Mr Rich, Mr Chris and Mr Lewis

Maths Scavenger Hunt Challenge
Congratulations to Year 9 for their excellent work in Maths. Included in their challenge and the items they needed to find were 3 Inspirational female mathematicians, writing PI to 100 decimal places, coming up with a mathematical joke and finding how many books were in Euclid’s Elements. We had lots of imaginative answers from all the students but a big well done to Pinky, who was our overall winner. Her joke was: .Why are obtuse angles so depressed? Because they are never right! Mr Rich

Holiday Break
Please be reminded that Wednesday May 26th, Thursday May 27th and Friday May 28th are holidays. Online learning will not take place on these days.

National pandemic advice is to avoid travelling into ‘Deep Red’ zones if possible and to continue to take care by wearing masks, washing hands and maintaining the rules of social distancing.

Take care and have an enjoyable break.

Best wishes

Julie Way
Hua Hin International School