HHIS has now joined the international Eco Schools Programme.Our newly formed Eco-Team is leading this whole-school drive to create positive changes to our local environment.
The team have already been active by:• Liaising with the local Trash Heroes Group;• Spreading awareness of the great need to care for our environment ;• Setting up a major project to design and build an aquaponics system (Y12);• Inspiring Year 7 students to apply their maths skills to design a structure to compost our waste in school.• Working on ways to improve recycling in our school.
The students’ passion, innovation and determination is inspirational and the team will undoubtedly be making an impact on our environment. Thank you to all our Eco Team and to Ms Alicia and Ms Lucy for empowering our students. https://www.eco-schools.org.uk/about/
RSV alertIt has been reported that there have been cases of RSV in Hua Hin. This is a common virus and for most children it has mild cold-like symptoms of a runny nose and cough but for younger children, babies and children with asthma it can lead to more serious symptoms. We take this seriously as many of our younger children have siblings who are babies.We already have stringent routines in place for COVID-19 precautions but we are monitoring our youngest children particularly carefully. We ask parents to keep their child at home if they are unwell.Football TournamentWe wish our football teams well, ahead of their Football tournament at Harrow School in Bangkok at the weekend.
Musicians visit to a Recording StudioLast week a group of secondary students visited a professional music studio as part of the Musicianship ECA. The studio is owned by our guitar teacher Mr Chai who is also a professional producer and songwriter. The students were able to record an instrument or voice of their choice and Mr Chai mixed it all together. We give our thanks to Mr Chai for inspiring our students and giving them an insight into music production.
This term seems to be flying by. Christmas songs are beginning to resound from Primary and EY classrooms. Unless COVID-19 restrictions change, we are still planning for parents of Primary and EY children to be able to attend the smaller and socially distanced events. We are all looking forward to these performances.