I do hope you all enjoyed your half term break. We were lucky enough to be put in joyful spirits as our School Staff Band played us out at the end of the half term. Thank you to Mr Sam, Ms Faye, K Eh, K Note, Mr Jeremy, Mr Eduardo and Ms Viv – it was magical and really inspirational. Parents’ Meetings – Friday October 23rd I hope you have been able to make appointments to meet up with teachers on Friday. If you have had any technical difficulties please contact K Ked ( kate.p@huahinschool.com ). If you are not able to attend on that day please contact Mr Lewis for secondary students (lewis.c@huahinschool.com) or the class teacher if your child is in Primary or Early Years. Loy Krathong
We are very keen for our students to be able to celebrate the beautiful, traditional Thai festival of Loy Krathong. Respecting the wonders of ‘Mother Earth’ is of the highest priority for us all and this festival is not only picturesque but centres on paying respect to the rivers, lakes and seas. We will, of course, need to keep within the prescribed precautionary measures for COVID-19 and this unfortunately means that parents will not be able to attend. But we will share photos of the events with you. Our Thai team are organising a Loy Krathong charity event in school on Thursday October, 29th 2020 to raise funds for the ‘Covid-19 Prevention and Assistance Project” of the Faculty of Medicine under Ramathibodi Hospital’. Thai drinks and desserts made by our students will be on sale during break times on this day. We ask that students bring in a small amount of money to make purchases. On Friday October 30th students will learn more about the meaning of Loy Krathong and the traditions of the festival. Everyone will make their own Krathongs and they will be able to bring them home at the end of the day to float them with their families. Students are invited to wear Thai traditional costumes on this day. Maths Challenge Year 7 rose magnificently to a maths challenge set by Mr Rich and Mr Eduardo. The students produced games which had to include skills in solving probability problems. Their presentations were not only professional but showed how they could use and apply their maths skills and in the process produce some highly marketable learning games! Well done, Year 7!
Images to make you reflect by Year 8 students Year 8 students have been looking at war and conflict around the world and considering how it affects children in particular. They created infographics to highlight the data they looked at when learning about the ongoing conflict in Syria. You can view their images here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/e/2PACX-1vR6jaTPRcxE5lfRjGDxeq1uvAsG0OkfeGz4talxSWLnBLh0vYReNKk4sOct639QEgWjszwVgeL3zBYK/pub?start=true&loop=true&delayms=5000 BKKMUN XXVIII On Sunday, ten intrepid Y10-12 students participated in the first national Model United Nations conference of the academic year. Many critical world issues were discussed on a highly rewarding day of debating. Our delegates tackled ambiguous cyber-security legislation, worldwide economic instability, global health challenges and human rights violations. They can all return proud of their commitment to inspiring change and of their passion for confronting some of today’s most pressing international concerns. Well done Annie, Jessica, Josephine, Kym, Leah, Lisa, Lieve, Mark, Robert and Tenzin.
Jungle Aid Support
Pala U Noi Preschool have been celebrating the recent installation of the play equipment which was provided by the efforts and inspirational fund raising of HHIS students. Our students should be proud that their work and drive to make a difference has had such a positive impact on the lives of the children.