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Our HHIS Teachers

Ms Julie | Headteacher

I am very proud to have been the  headteacher of Hua Hin International School since it opened in 2015. We have had an amazing journey and the school continues to flourish.  Gaining our silver accreditation award in 2018 from the British EDT inspectors,  becoming a Cambridge School and exam centre, as well as gaining authorisation to begin our IB Diploma programme as a World IB School,  have all been notable achievements.  But it is the enthusiasm and zest for learning of our students  that makes our school ‘buzz’  and is the uplifting element of my days.    My previous experiences include being a Headteacher internationally and in England.  I was also Assistant Dean at  Marjon, a Teaching Training University in SW England.

My qualifications include: Masters in Education, BA (Hons), PGCE, QTS, DIp Ed (Higher)  and the UK qualification for headteachers, NPQH. My teaching career has been across all age groups; I have taught nursery age, all ages at the Primary stage, English to secondary students and also  taught trainee teachers at the university.

My personal interests are centred around sport and being in the outdoors so obviously, Hua Hin is just a perfect place for me!  You can contact me at: juliew@huahinschool.com

Ms Gade | Thai Director

I am delighted to be a part of HHIS team. I graduated from Burapha university with a Bachelor degree in  Education with Thai major.  I have almost 20 years teaching experience in Thai and International schools. 

These experiences have been important in the development of my teaching and leadership skills.  One of the roles I particularly enjoy is promoting close relationships with parents.


Mr Lewis | Head of Secondary

I am proud to say that our students are the strength of HHIS. I thoroughly enjoy my role in leading the Secondary phase and shaping future opportunities for all our students and families. I qualified from the University of Southampton with a Business and IT Degree and then completed my Masters in Education with Portsmouth University. I have enjoyed a wide range of experiences and highlights, but I can certainly say the achievements we have enjoyed as a team at HHIS have been my proudest. Our school continues to grow and I look forward to guiding and celebrating our students’ future successes both in the classroom and beyond.


Mr Matt | Head of Upper Primary

I am excited to taking on the leadership of  Upper Primary this year at HHIS, having previously worked in schools both in the UK and across the world. I have a strong knowledge and understanding of the current UK primary curriculum, and I look forward to using this to further support the development of our primary children. Asides from work, I am a keen sportsman and enjoy long-distance running and have competed in both marathons and half-marathons. I also have a keen interest in music and current affairs and like to bring these interests of mine into the classroom to inspire the children.


Ms Jo | Head of Lower Primary

I am a dedicated and passionate teacher with a BA (Hons) degree, QTS and 15 years teaching experience in the UK. For the last 5 years I have been Assistant Headteacher at a large multi-cultural primary school in the Northwest of England, working mainly with children for whom English is an additional language. I am delighted to join Hua Hin International School and to have the opportunity to be part of the next phase of school’s development and journey. In particular, I am looking forward to working with the whole school community and creating engaging learning opportunities that will enable every child to thrive and progress. I am passionate about travelling and life-long learning and I hope to inspire this intrepid spirit in all my pupils.


Mrs Rachel | Head of Early Primary

My career as an Early Years practitioner began as a BTEC Nursery Nurse. I then progressed to Edge Hill University where I studied a BA Hons with QTS in Primary Education, with Art as my specialist subject. I began my teaching career in the north-west of England in Key Stage 1 and Early Years, with roles as art coordinator, creative curriculum leader and P.E. link teacher. My interest in travel and culture led me overseas, where I have been teaching/leading in the Early Years at Shrewsbury International School, Bangkok, for the past ten years. In that time, I have had two children (Charlie, 5 and Jack, 2) and we are looking forward to moving from the bustling city of Bangkok to the calm, natural environment of Hua Hin. I am joining Hua Hin International School as Early Years Phase Leader and teacher of EY3, and I am very much looking forward to being part of the HHIS community. 


Secondary and Primary Teachers


Mr Alasdair | Science and Computing Teacher

I have taught the National Curriculum for twenty years across a range of subjects. My qualifications include: Master of Education (Management), PGCE and BSc in Maths and Science.

At HHIS, I work to use the diversity of the Hua Hin area as an outdoor classroom to bring learning to life with the best opportunities for the students to engage with the Key Values of the school. This includes offering the opportunity for older students to participate in the International Award.


Mr Jeremy | English, Humanities and Computing Teacher. ECA Coordinator

I have been teaching for almost 20 years, many of those in Thailand. I have taught a wide range of subjects to 5 year olds through to 16 year olds as well as being Principal of an international school in Bangkok. My qualifications include: MA Education, PGCE and BSc in Biological Science.
I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of  this successful and vibrant school in its first few years and look forward to helping continue to shape the education provided in what is an excellent opportunity for the children and families of Hua Hin.


Mr Daniel | English and Extended Essay Teacher

I am an English teacher with more than 19 years of experience of working in the UK across a variety of secondary, sixth form and FE college settings. In recent years I’ve been a Lead Practitioner and a Head of Department. Throughout my career I’ve diversified into teaching media studies, drama and theatre studies as well as leading on outdoor pursuits and the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. I love teaching English because I believe in the power of literature to evoke the imagination and challenge our understanding of humanity. I see it as so important in helping our young people to develop their own understanding of the world around them. Recently, I fulfilled an ambition to complete an MA, specialising in performance poetry and dystopian fiction. I write regularly and have had work published.


Mr Richard | Mathematics Teacher

I have been following the growth  of  HHIS and after 4 years working at an International School in Bangkok and am delighted to be joining the HHIS team.
At secondary school I had a Mathematics teacher, Mr. Wilson, who inspired me and nurtured my love of Mathematics and now  I have been teaching Mathematics for 15 years, most of it as Head of Department.
I understand Maths is not everyone’s favourite subject but I like to find innovative ways to teach my lessons in a fun enjoyable way, hoping to inspire others as I was inspired before.


Mr Eduardo | Mathematics Teacher

I am really excited to join the team at HHIS.  I am currently teaching mathematics at a Secondary School in London.   I am half Brazilian half German.  Eating Apfelstrudel while dancing Samba? Certainly! I like to think that I merge the easy going of a Brazilian with the efficiency of a German. Having a degree in Mechatronics Engineering and a PGCE in Secondary Mathematics from  the UK.   I will l be delighted to continue having fun teaching Maths at HHIS. In my free time I enjoy doing carpentry, origami, and playing football.


Mr David | Global Perspectives, History, CAS and ToK Teacher

I graduated from the University of Warwick with a history degree in 2008 and completed my teaching qualifications with Nottingham University. I have been teaching in Thailand for ten years and have been fortunate enough to work with students aged 4-18 across a diverse range of subjects. I am very happy to be bringing alive the subjects of History and Global Perspectives to our secondary students.

It has been thrilling to see HHIS and everyone within it grow over the past 5 years.   I am excited to be a part of that development going forward.


Ms Faye | Year 11 Form Tutor
Art Teacher

I am a  Visual Arts teacher with more than 18 years of teaching in the KS3/4 classroom, as well as 4 years experience at KS5. I am a BA Fine Arts graduate from the University of Plymouth,UK and have a Post graduate Certificate in secondary Art education.

My education practice pioneers the use of values based, experiential learning and growth mindset techniques whilst in Art, my expertise includes drawing, painting, photography and mixed-media conceptual work.

Outside the classroom, I  love triathlon training, optimum health and well-being and exploring nature through Art.


Mrs Lucy | Year 10 Form Tutor and
Science Teacher

I started my teaching career in Thailand 10 years ago after finishing my Marine Biology degree at Aberystwyth University. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching English and Science from age 2 all the way up to age 18. So much so that I decided to return to the UK to do a PGCE in Secondary Science and now have 8 years teaching experience in the UK. I have taught all 3 Sciences in that time at 2 fantastic secondary schools in Shrewsbury. I love that my job allows me to share my passion for Science, I believe that hands on learning is the best approach and brings Science to life. My other passions are reading and running and bringing up my 2 wonderful children. I can’t wait to join the team at HHIS.  


Ms Alicia | Year 10 Form Tutor and

Spanish Teacher

I was born in the south of Spain but I relocated to complete my Higher Education studies in London, UK. Once I completed my BA Hons in Education Studies I continued studying a PGCE in Modern Foreign Languages, with Spanish and French languages. I have since worked in a wide range of schools in the UK getting to inspire many students into speaking and loving foreign languages. One of my passions whilst teaching languages is to work with exciting International Projects, as a result I am a British Council and Eurodesk ambassador, connecting students from many different countries. We are moving to Thailand together with my two little ones and my husband and we are totally thrilled to become  part of HHIS.


Ms Terri-Ann | Year 8 Form Tutor and
English Teacher

I am very excited to be teaching at HHIS this year, and am so pleased to be able to share my passion for English studies with students in Thailand. Most recently, I have been working in the UK as a Head of Department and have completed an Associate Senior Leadership programme at my previous school. I obtained my PGCE through Teach First in 2014 after I graduated from the University of Manchester with a BA in English Literature. Recently, I was very pleased to obtain my MA in Educational Leadership, also at the University of Manchester. Outside of school, I enjoy yoga and cycling and, of course, reading! I am really looking forward to continuing my teaching journey at HHIS. I love teaching English and I believe studying literature is such a wonderful way for students to develop understanding of the world we live in, and expand their own imaginations.


Mr Chris | Year 7 Form Tutor, Business Studies and Humanities Teacher

I graduated from Hertfordshire University in 2013 with a MSc in Environmental Management in after previously undertaking a BSc (Hons) in Geography at Loughborough. After graduating from my masters programme I worked in higher education institutions both in the UK and abroad. In 2017 I decided to follow my passion for languages and completed a CELTA English teaching course. After completing the CELTA I moved to Thailand where I have spent two years working as an English language lecturer in the Thai University system. I am very excited to use these skills to inspire students whilst teaching English here at HHIS.


Mr Rob | Year 6 Class Teacher

I am thrilled to be a part of the HHIS team next year. I graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in 2016 with a BSc Psychology degree (Honours), and after completed a PGCE in primary education. I have been fortunate to have spent the last three years teaching in a school on the outskirts of Sheffield, which has been a great experience.  Here I have seen the value of developing a classroom environment and ethos where children can express their thoughts and ideas freely.

Outside of school I enjoy engaging in outdoor pursuits and most sports.

I am relishing a new challenge in a new setting and cannot wait to get started.

Mr Paul | Year 6 Class Teacher

I completed my teaching degree at Edge Hill University in the North West of England in 2003. I then taught in a primary school in Liverpool before moving to Spain, where I worked in an international school for 10 years.

I am proud to have been part of the growth and development of HHIS over the past few years and am looking forward to continuing that journey. I value the child-oriented ethos of HHIS and particularly enjoy the warm and vibrant atmosphere of the school.


Ms Laura | Year 5 Class Teacher

 I graduated from The University of Warwick with a BA (QTS) Science degree, in 2005. Since then, I have taught in a number of schools across the world including the Dominican Republic and Sri Lanka. I am a passionate, energetic teacher, who thrives in the classroom. I very much enjoy providing interactive, lively and engaging lessons, where the children not only learn, but also have a lot of fun!

I am thrilled to be part of Hua Hin International School and love teaching here, as I feel I continue to make a positive contribution to such a forward thinking, child-centered school, as it continues to grow and develop.


Ms Claire P. | Year 4 Class Teacher

I am very excited to be part of the team at Hua Hin. I graduated from the University of the West of England in 2005 and received my PGCE from Canterbury Christchurch in 2012 after a short career in retail. I have spent the majority of my teaching career at an independent school in Tunbridge Wells, GB. I have been fortunate enough to have taught across the primary range.  I have also had responsibility for the Special Educational Needs provision throughout the school and was lead phonics teacher. My approach to learning and teaching is to create mutually supportive environments where respect and the sharing of knowledge are promoted. 

It’s wonderful  to be a part of such a special school and I look forward to another exciting year at HHIS.


Ms Dawn | Year 3 Class Teacher

I graduated from Marjon, Plymouth in 2009 with B. Ed. First Class Honours in Primary Education. After a year in Plymouth, teaching mature students with learning difficulties, I moved to Kent to teach at a small village school where I taught both key stages over a period of 10 years. As I have a passion for mathematics, I was also the maths subject leader at the school. Outside of the classroom I will have a go at anything and have led a number of extra-curricular activities including gymnastics, volleyball, ICT and art club. I am thrilled to be joining the HHIS team.


Ms Sarah | Year 3 Class Teacher

I completed my Primary PGCE in London after undertaking my degree in Art History (BA Hons). I taught in KS1 and KS2 in the UK before coming to teach at HHIS as a Class Teacher and Art Specialist.

Creativity brings learning in my classroom alive, and across the curriculum my aim is to inspire intrepid and imaginative children.  As a yoga teacher I also share the importance of wellbeing with my class, fostering a nurturing environment in which they can achieve and develop.

I’m delighted to be a part of the children’s growth and learning in KS2 this year, and it is wonderful to be a continuing part of HHIS.


Ms Sacha  | KS1 Teacher

I graduated from St Mary’s University in 2016 with a BA (Hons) in Primary Education with QTS. I have been working ever since as a KS1 teacher. 

Prior to my graduation I had the opportunity to work in a vast range of schools and with some incredible children from many different walks of life, this included teaching English as a foreign language in a school in France.

One of my favourite parts of teaching is seeing the wonder in my students when they are engaged in their learning and the creativity that comes from this. I am a firm believer that all children are individuals and I aspire to make sure my approach to teaching reflects that! I love to engage children wholly in their learning and give them as many real life experiences as possible. 

I cannot wait to travel to Hua Hin and become a part of the HHIS community.


Mrs Hannah | KS1 Teacher

After gaining my BA (Hons) in Primary Education with QTS in 2003, I worked for 4 years in the north of England before moving to a large international school in Spain where I taught for 9 years. There I gained a lot of experience working with children with EAL in a range of different year groups.

I am a dedicated teacher who is passionate about making learning fun and engaging to enable every child to thrive and achieve their true potential. 

Outside of school I enjoy spending time with my family, travelling and experiencing new cultures, as well as keeping fit by working out in the gym and running.

I am delighted to be a part of this ever-growing school and I look forward to another exciting year ahead!



Early Years Teachers

Ms Jess | Early Year 1/2 Class Teacher

Following a BA in Journalism, I spent 8 years working in marketing and communications before finding my way into teaching. I am PGCEi-qualified through the University of Nottingham and have been teaching in Early Years for the last three years. I spent my first year in Hua Hin in a local school, working with Early Years children learning English as an additional language, before making the transition to HHIS. I have a passion for working with young children and helping them to blossom into the best little people they can be.



Specialist Teachers


Mr Aaron | Year 9 Form Tutor, Head of Physical Education

I graduated from Marjon University (Plymouth, UK) with a degree in Sports Development in 2009.

I gained a PGCE in Secondary PE at the University of Southampton in 2014. For the last three years  I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching and working with the students at  HHIS. It has been great to see our sports teams developing and competing during my time here. I am very passionate about the IGCSE PE course and I also look forward to teaching IB Sports, Exercise and Health Science in 2020. I believe sport is a fantastic tool for students to gain key skills, such as teamwork, communication, leadership and confidence. It also allows people to experience achievement and enjoyment.  


Ms Pla | PE and Swimming Teacher

I love adventure. I have taken part in a range of adventure sports around Thailand and Southeast Asia, which include rock climbing, canyoneering, snorkeling and mountain biking.

 I love spending time with my daughter, listening  to music and exploring  new places. I enjoy learning new skills and challenging myself, for example when I ran the north face 100km and had to  learn how to run trail in the dark. I will continue to learn new skills in Hua Hin, and enjoy lots of water sports!


Mr Mike | PE Teacher

I am excited to be joining HHIS as a Teacher of Physical Education and Swimming. For the past 10 years I have been teaching Early Years through to Sixth Form at Shrewsbury International School, Bangkok. My role included Performance Leader of Football and for the past three years I have been Year Team Leader for Years 7, 8 and 9. In Addition to football I have a wide variety of sporting interests including tennis, cycling and golf. I have a keen interest in these both personally and as a teacher, supporting golf ECA in my current setting. I have a degree in Sports Studies from Edge Hill University and gained my teaching qualification after working in the Special Educational Needs department at a Senior School in the North West of England. I enjoy the outdoors and keeping active, and as a father of two young boys, I am looking forward to exploring what Hua Hin has to offer for family adventures.  


Mr Sam  | Head of Music

Sam grew up in Sweden where he saw his mother teach music and he started singing and playing at a young age. He studied to become a music teacher in Copenhagen, Denmark and later achieved an MA from the Academy of Music in Gothenburg, Sweden with composition and improvisation as his majors.The trumpet is his primary instrument, but he has picked up many others along the way and is now a multi-instrumentalist. He taught both individuals and classes in Sweden for a few years and has worked internationally for the last ten years. As Head of Music, he has collaborated with musicians, business people, government officials and music teachers in other countries to create several projects where students could experience the world outside of the classroom. This is Sam’s second year at HHIS and he came from Hangzhou, China, where he was working in a big campus school. His wife Eva, from Slovenia, and his two daughters Astrid and Julia are also enjoying life in Hua Hin.


Ms Emma | Learning Support Teacher

My name is Emma King, I am from the United Kingdom and have been living in Guangzhou, China for the past three years with my husband and two children.   I have been working at the Utahloy International school as an Intern, EAL (English as an additional language) teacher and supply teacher with a focus on children aged 2 to 8. I have been teaching  children who  have needed additional support. I have recently completed a Post-graduate Diploma in teaching.

I am very much looking forward to new opportunities and challenges at Hua Hin International School.


Mr Steve | Librarian

I joined HHIS as a Teaching Assistant and with a BSc in Engineering and TEFL certificate, I supported many disciplines throughout the Key Stages. I have completed my PGCEi from the University of Nottingham and I am currently enrolled with Chulalongkorn University in intensive Thai. I also look forward to continuing my studies with a MA in Library and Information Services Management at the University of Sheffield, which will enhance my goal in inspiring our students to become ‘lifelong readers’. 


Ms Katie | EAL Teacher

After I graduated with a BA(Hons) in Printed Textiles from De Montfort University in 2011, I have taught English in Thailand (Sakon Nahkon), China (Guangzhou) and Italy (Catania).
I moved back to England to study for my PGCE at the University of Exeter. I taught  at a school in Torquay before coming to HHIS to take up my role as Primary teacher and now supporting our students with English as an Additional Language.


Ms Olivia | EAL Teacher

I am a Biomedical Science graduate from the University of Sheffield, after completing a 4-year course including a year working in the chemical industry where I became a STEM ambassador. Alongside academia, I have always loved dance and music, performing the arts of ballet, tap, modern and jazz, and as well have gained my grade 8 cornet certification. As a teacher of EAL I have learnt how a stimulating environment and meaningful communication are key to learning and speaking English to a good standard. I am currently completing an iPGCE with the University of Derby and am thrilled to be doing so in such an amazing school.


Ms Kerry | EAL Teacher

Since moving to Bangkok four years ago I have enjoyed teaching and working with children across a range of year groups, especially in EAL and Learning Support, in whole-class, one to one and small group settings. I graduated from Southampton University with a BEd (Honours) in English and am always happy to share my love of English to inspire and develop young learners. I am looking forward to being a part of the HHIS community, taking on new challenges and learning new skills. In my spare time I enjoy yoga, meditation, reading, writing and travelling.


Kru Aom | Thai Teacher

I am delighted to be a part of the team at Hua Hin International School. I graduated from Suan Dusit University with teacher’s Bachelor degree of Education in 2003 and have now more than ten years of experience working in education in several international schools in Bangkok. I taught Thai language to both native Thai speakers as well as foreign children in British School of Bangkok for seven years. After that, I was a part of the teaching team at St.Andrews International School Sathorn, working alongside both Thai and international staff, who used a wide variety of engaging and effective teaching and learning techniques. 

I believe that learning should be fun, creative and inspiring. This in motivates students to share their learning with others and use their new knowledge in their daily life.


Kru Jeab | Thai Teacher

I am very happy to be joining the excellent team of Thai teachers and everyone else at Hua Hin International School. I first graduated from Suan Sunandha University with B.A. Tourism Industry and I also have a B.Ed. and a certificate in Teaching Thai as a Second Language from Mahidol University. I have 13 years of experience working in UK curriculum schools, most recently at Bangkok Patana, which have helped me to incorporate learning activities to develop the whole child concept through play and other age-appropriate activities into my teaching.


Kru AJ | Thai Teacher

I am grateful to be a teacher and I am proud to be a part of Hua Hin International School. I have experience in teaching  at Hua Hin Commercial College prior to coming to HHIS. , I always try to use my skills to motivate students to learn Thai and have fun too. I am determined to work hard and do my best for the students of HHIS.


Ms Bonnie | Mandarin Teacher

I am Bonnie from Taiwan. I graduated with a BA degree in Chinese literature. I have eight years teaching experience in Taiwan and have taught Mandarin for five years at Hua Hin International School. I believe that students learn the best when it’s fun for them to do so! Therefore, I continue to discover and devise new methods and content to ensure that students always get the best learning experience in my enthusiastic, dynamic and engaged  Mandarin class.


Ms Shu-Yi – Secondary Mandarin Teacher

I am looking forward to taking up my role as a Mandarin teacher at HHIS.  I believe in the power of education and work to make sure that  students can so their best by learning and doing. My goal is to connect the Chinese language/culture with learners.  I have a Masters Degree from Rangsit University and have experience of teaching in a range of schools including teaching IB Diploma in an  International School in Thailand.  My hobbies are reading and gardening. I am a passionate


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