We promise: Independent, confident, lifelong learners


Key Stage 3 (Years 7 to 9 inclusive) integrate elements of both the Primary school and Secondary school. Academic subjects begin to evolve into the “separate subject model” of the high school, where each subject becomes its own discipline taught by a specialist teacher. However, subjects won’t be completely separated in this key stage. Rather, the students’ work will usually be centred around themes that tie subjects together – so while lessons may not always be quite as integrated as they are in Primary classes, nor will they be taught so segregated as in Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11) At this stage of their development students begin to change. Some of these changes may seem unrelated to their education, but most students bring issues of personal transition into the classroom. Their teachers know how to respond and be skilled at providing an academically rigorous curriculum within an environment that is filled with mutual care and respect.

From August 2018 our students in Year 10 will begin to prepare for the IGCSE examinations at age 16. 

Above all, our secondary school will provide an enthusiastic and energetic environment that offers a wide range of choices for students of all abilities. Our teachers place a balanced emphasis on both academic rigour and individual care so that all students are assisted to do their best.

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