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Secondary Education at HHIS

The HHIS Board decided at their meeting this week, to recognise the demand for Secondary education that exists in Hua Hin and include provision for these older students in the school’s first phase of operation in August 2015. More details will follow as the precise nature of the demand becomes clearer but at this early stage, the school is very happy to announce that it is committed to offering Secondary education to at least the Year 7 level (11-12 year olds) next year. We will continue to consult widely to gauge whether the age-group of this initial intake could be further extended.

As we have said, the urgency of local demand for Secondary education at HHIS was unexpected so we had previously structured our development plans around these older phases gradually appearing after 2 to 3 years of the school’s life. This expectation is reflected in our building plans and some of these will now have to be modified so that the construction of later stages can be accelerated. This will take time.

For the first year or so, there will be ample space and facilities within the first phase of building to enable small groups of Secondary Lookingstudents to be provided with an appropriately broad, balanced, challenging and professionally taught lower Secondary curriculum. These students and their teachers will be accommodated within a section of the school that is adjacent to but separate from classrooms and teaching areas that were planned for the older Primary age range. This is exactly how we have previously begun Secondary provision at each of our St. Andrews schools and all have gone on to flourish as new facilities came on line.

At this stage the Board is making a firm commitment to provide this stage of education at the school next year and it is now up to the parents to respond. We will be hosting a second information evening in Hua Hin in early December and describing the programme and facilities that will be available for Secondary aged children in August 2015. At that stage we will be seeking similar commitments from parents of these children so that we can begin hiring the right teaching staff in the new year.

Hands 2I trust that this announcement will please those many parents who have been in regular contact to urge the Board to take this step. Those leaders of opinion in Hua Hin have been joined by parents from different parts of the world who have also been in touch via the HHIS website, to enquire about Secondary education at the school. Taken together, these responses encourage us to believe that there are sufficient numbers of students of this age who are interested in joining HHIS next August, to enable a viable Secondary group to flourish during the first phase of the school’s life.

As always, we welcome comments and questions via: gsullivan@huahinschool.com

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