We promise: Independent, confident, lifelong learners

Welcome to Hua Hin School

Facts about HHIS

  • We currently cater for  students  from  EY1 (2 year olds) through to Y8 (13 year olds);
  • Each year a further year group will be added.
  • Students will start to study for IGCSEs in Year 10, ready take the exams in Year 11.
  • Our students will start to study for the International Baccalaureate Programme in Year 12 and take their final exams in Year 13 (aged 18).
  • We are truly an international school with over 23  nationalities represented;
  • Our highly qualified teachers are recruited from the UK.
  • Our maximum class size is 20.
  • We teach the English National Curriculum.
  • All our students learn Thai in separate lessons.
  • All our students learn Mandarin.
  • Our youngest students moved into a new purpose built accommodation in October 2016.
  • Our sports field is now open.
  • The further developments include: another swimming pool (25m), a larger canteen and further specialist secondary facilities.  These phases will be completed by August 2018.
  • We are licensed as an International School by  the Thai Ministry of Education.
  • We are a member of International Schools Association of Thailand.
  • We have been accepted for accreditation by the Education Development Trust, which is one of only four organisations who are authorised by the Thai Education Ministry to carry out international accreditations in Thailand.  EDT is a UK based organisation working internationally and in the UK.  In the UK they inspect a third of all UK schools on behalf of OFSTED.
  • Our ‘sister’ school is St Andrews Samakee which has achieved Gold Standard accreditation from EDT as an ‘outstanding’ school.